C25K: Week3 Day1 - Peanut Brittle Calluses

So I started this couch to 5k thing a little over 2 weeks ago.  I decided to do it barefoot because it's supposedly better for you (check out this link) but holy Jesus are my feet hurting.  Blisters are a motherfucker.  I've always had pretty intense calluses on my big toes but apparently running barefoot is no match for them.  I somehow managed to get blisters underneath the calluses which caused them to dry out and chip away like peanut brittle.  It forced me to take an extended 2 day break in my run schedule due to all of the newly exposed tender skin on my feet.

Today was my first day running after the tender skin break and I'm not gonna lie, I was a little worried that my feet were going to get raw and bleed all over the place during my run today.  Thankfully, my body defied all odds and I'm happy to report that today was my first day running that didn't result in ANY blisters!!!  My sore calves are another story...

My sister takes photos...

My sister Dana Overcash travels to different places and brings her crappy point & shoot along for the journies.  These are some of my favorite photos that she's taken...


Moleskine theme

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Gold Digging Phillies Fan

I was going through my iPhone's Camera Roll and I found this gem from last years MLB Playoffs.  Nobody believed me when I told them what I saw so we had to rewind it and play it back for a group of people.  Listen for the appropriate group reaction...

My ol' TED Talk list...

This is a list of some of my favorite TED Talks along with brief descriptions that may or may not make sense to people who are not me...


-Find out what this TED thing is all about in this video.  And don't forget, the one thing everyone wants is a penis...

-This is my all time favorite TED talk.  Very Intense.

-This is another one of my favorites.  It reminds me that maybe I'm not always seeing all of the possibilities from where I'm sitting.

-This one is short but really inspiring.

-Living a purposeful life.  Interesting.

-Very "Landmark" in his message.  I also like the way he presents himself and interacts with the audience... a very comfortable presentation style.

-As simple as Thank You.

-Be compassionate.  Really.

-Involve the audience... give them a role.  This one is brilliant and makes me think about the future of communication and technology.

-Practical Wisdom... everyone should see this.

-It's all about the experience...

-Another reason to change the thought process behind education...

-How much will you enjoy eating potato chips 1 minute from now?

-A good followup to the one above.  Talks about how price impacts happiness.

-This is how I will one day run a company.  It's brilliant.

-Very cool talk about natural healing... the human body is kinda neat.

-Some nifty projects here (this is a short one).

-Teachers, Technology, Education.  Hmmm.... Teaching Tech maybe?

-Intriguing new ways to think about technology and education.

-Inspiring designs.

-There is no way for us to be human without other people.

-Really good information about marketing.

-All men are created equal... perhaps not.

-Chocolate or Vanilla?

-Things change... eh, fuck it.

-One of the most brilliant minds of our time.  Dean is amazing.

-Can't go wrong with Jeff Bezos, the brains behind amazon.com

-He does a fantastic job enrolling the audience in his idea.  Plus you can't go wrong with a pirate store... yarrrrr.


Here is a list of TED talks I haven't had a chance to watch yet... as I get to them, I'll add them to the above list. 

-Howard Rheingold

-Amy Tan

-Kevin Kelly

-Ross Lovegrove

-Ze Frank

-Richard Baraniuk

-Ray Kurzweil

-Dan Gilbert

-William McDonough

-Neil Gershenfeld

-Saul Griffith

-Charles Leadbeater

-Robert Wright


-Paul Bennett

-Carl Honore

-Stefan Sagmeister

-Evelyn Glennie

-Dan Dennett

-David Kelley

-Chris Anderson

-Martin Seligman

-Susan Blackmore

-Ben Dunlap

-Philippe Starck

-John Maeda

-Zeresenay Alemseged

-Jonathan Harris

-Alan Russell

-Dan Dennett

-Larry Brilliant

-Larry Lessig

-Vilayanur Ramachandran

-Matthieu Ricard