💛 Reddit Soul - a charitable addition to Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is fun, a little goofy, but doesn’t have much value. Let’s change that.

Give users the option to add on a charitable donation to their gift of Reddit Gold. The standard $3.99, plus any additional amount over $5 that goes directly to the charity. Even send the recipient a gift code to redeem on sites like Watsi so they can select which patient to fund! (One of the aspects that makes Watsi so sticky is the ability to read through all of the profiles and help a person you feel a connection with.)

Call it Reddit Soul and instead of the gold coin icon next to gilded posts/comments, put a gold heart.

This turns a frivolous virtual good into something that has a positive real-world impact.

I tested this today and it got an AMAZING response from Redditors, some even made their own donations! Unfortunately my comment was deleted either by a mod or an admin. But that’s not going to stop me from trying this again tomorrow :)

Stay Full All Day - Maximizing Soylent 2.0

Every morning I blend a 14oz bottle of Soylent 2.0, two bananas, and ~20 ice cubes. I then pour the resulting slushy into a 40oz Hydro Flask bottle, nearly filling it to the top! I'm able to stretch my consumption of a single 14oz Soylent so that it lasts most of the day.

Try a single bottle from amazon or if you're ready, jump right in with a 50% discount on a 12 pack from the official site.


VapeXhale Cloud EVO Modification #1

So this is the first super minor modification I've made since having this fantastic device for about 2 weeks. It's nothing special, I just doubled the neoprene heat shield over on itself since only the top half of the device gets hot.

Not only does it give double the insulation on the actual hot top half, but I also think it improves the overall aesthetics and usability of the device. Holding the bottom half of the plastic base feels much better without the neoprene sleeve sliding off.

I have another basic mod in mind for this particular vaporizer, but it involves a bit more work on my part before I share...

PSA: Vaporizers, MMJ, CBD, Alternative Treatments, and (maybe) Affiliate Links

Just posting a heads up - at certain points I'll likely mention some of the alternative treatments I have attempted and that includes things that aren't totally accepted by all people. I'm mainly talking about medical marijuana and CBD oils, but maybe someone might take offense to my cold therapy experiments - who knows?

I just wanted to preface these future posts by acknowledging that while we may not always agree with each other, I still attempt to understand the other point(s) of view. So I simply ask that you please try to afford me the same luxury.


Edit: I think this is also an appropriate post to mention that in the future I may post product reviews and comparisons, and playing around with affiliate links in those posts is a possibility. I'll put a note at the bottom of those posts indicating the affiliate links if I decide to give it a shot.