Tilikum, star of "Sea World" documentary Blackfish, is sick & dying

According to this article, the orca is sick and will likely die from this illness.

So why not transport him back to the ocean and let him die a free whale? Or maybe being free in the open ocean will improve his condition and he'll get better and live out the rest of his days a free whale. If that's the case, Sea World execs better watch out...


Habits and Momentum

I've found that I function best when I turn things into habits. I started using the Momentum iOS app to help keep me on track and have had pretty solid success so far. My 4.5 minute daily ice shower has been the hardest to get motivated for each day. But I do it. Because I don't want to disrupt that chain of green boxes on my notification screen.


TouchID Gesture Input

Apple Watch's new digital crown allows users to scroll and cycle through content without fingers obstructing the screen. It's a lot like the classic iPod click wheel.

In order to bring the same UI elements to the iPhone, Apple can use the capacitive sensors within the TouchID home button to capture gesture input. Simply trace your finger around the metal rim of the home button in order to scroll or cycle through the content on your iPhone's screen.

Dear Whole Foods, Don't Toss This In The Compost Pile!

I typically come into the store around 9:30pm every 3-4 nights and this is what I see in the hot food section.

There's an awful lot of delicious looking food sitting in those warming trays, and very few customers buying it. Your employees have indicated that it all gets thrown into the compost pile at the end of the night because donating hot food comes with a lot of legal risk, which I understand. But I believe there is way more value in that food...

What if every night after 8pm, you charged a flat rate of $10 per plate with all proceeds benefiting the Whole Planet Foundation? The majority of that food was going to get tossed into the compost pile anyway, so why not put it to good use and turn it into a positive thing for your organization?

At stores that serve alcohol, like the Plymouth Meeting location, you could even host happy hours around it - you'd get alcohol sales, the organization gets the food plate money and awareness. It's a win-win!

At the very least, it might be worth experimenting with this concept to see how it impacts food sales and traffic numbers.

A Pretty Crappy Disease

The above video is a really good primer on what IBD (the broader term for Crohn's and Colitis) actually is. I highly recommend watching it to understand the core of this disease - it's short and easy to digest. 

Now that you have an understanding of this disease, let's talk about flares. Flares for me consist of two main issues, internal pain and frequency/urgency to use the bathroom. There are two types of crippling pain that often leave me curled up in a fetal position, unable to move. One type feels like eating broken glass and rusty nails - it's more of a sharp shooting pain in my gut. The other is like getting thousands of little paper cuts inside your intestines and then having lemon juice poured on them - a slow burning that won’t go away.

I'm lucky since I don't experience pain quite as often as some other people with IBD (although my pain frequency seems to be increasing lately). What I do experience is LOTS of blood and mucus in my stool as well as an increased urgency and frequency to use the bathroom. Losing that much blood really takes it's toll on the body and tends to leave me exhausted a lot of the time.

In order to help you get a feel for what the frequency/urgency portion of a flare is like, I've put together a little experiment:

  • Take an 8 oz glass and fill it 3/4 of the way with cranberry juice.
  • Then take a 1/2 finished mocha frappuccino that's been sitting out for an hour and has mostly melted and fill the rest of the 8oz glass with that chocolatey slush. All the way to the rim.
  • Now, when you're done reading this sentence, you have exactly 10 seconds to get to a toilet, get your pants off, and dump that lovely 8oz red and brown concoction into the toilet - try not to spill any on your way!!











Didn’t quite make it? Dump the contents of the glass down the back of your pants. I hope you had a change of clothes with you or else you get to waddle your way back home, feeling every single eyeball staring at you and questioning how an adult managed to get themselves into such a shitty situation.

Even if you managed to make it this time, don’t get too comfortable… you’ll have to repeat this process 20 random times throughout your day in order to get a real understanding of what life is like with Crohn’s/Colitis.

Not fun.

You Say Barista, I Say Burrista

Coffee shop employees are called baristas. I think burrito shop employees should be called burristas. One of the big chain burrito joints could build a fun ad campaign around this concept.

What do you think about this idea, Mr. Chipotle employee?

Periscope Feature Request

I'd like to see "channels" where I can watch random streams, top content, content from specific regions, etc.

One example would be the Most Viewers Channel where it just displays whatever stream has the most viewers. If another stream overtakes it with more viewers, a dialogue box pops up on the bottom of the screen 5-10 seconds before switching giving users the option to stay on the current stream.

Another example would be to show me the most popular (determined by viewer count, follower count, and rate of hearts given?) within a specific geographic region. This can be within X miles of my current location, or I can specify a location such as NYC. With this channel, I think a feature that mimics channel surfing would be interesting. Stream +/- buttons like the channel button on your TV remote. This can be achieved with a screen swipe up/down.

Just some thoughts I had before bed.

I've Been Neglecting This Blog

I have some ideas of things I'd like to share on here. Hopefully I'll actually post a few things in the near future - PROJECT:burrito update, sharing and breaking down a few ideas I've had recently, and a few posts sharing my favorite products at specific price points.

Stay tuned.


one2many.org is now give3.org

Shortly after Philadelphia Startup Weekend we were able to acquire the original domain that I had wanted for the project.

While one2many was a great temporary name, a lot of people told me that they were reminded of drinking too much when they thought of one2many.

give3.org really identifies with our mission - give goods, give time, give back.  Plus we have a pretty new logo :)


Didn't win the votes of the VCs but we won the hearts of the people!

Last Sunday was pitch day and since we had a 2 person team and my partner Jay was busy coding away, the pitch was up to me.  Unlike a lot of the other teams, we didn't have designers and MBAs cranking out professional quality decks.  I resorted to using the tools I had available to me... an iPad, my creativity and heart.

This was my first time public speaking, I had only 2 hours to create the slides, write the talk and rehearse.  It was tough but definitely worth it.  I couldn't have done it without the support of all of the mentors at PHLSW, especially @gloriabell!  Thank you all for your amazing support, such a fantastic community here in Philly.