Periscope Feature Request

I'd like to see "channels" where I can watch random streams, top content, content from specific regions, etc.

One example would be the Most Viewers Channel where it just displays whatever stream has the most viewers. If another stream overtakes it with more viewers, a dialogue box pops up on the bottom of the screen 5-10 seconds before switching giving users the option to stay on the current stream.

Another example would be to show me the most popular (determined by viewer count, follower count, and rate of hearts given?) within a specific geographic region. This can be within X miles of my current location, or I can specify a location such as NYC. With this channel, I think a feature that mimics channel surfing would be interesting. Stream +/- buttons like the channel button on your TV remote. This can be achieved with a screen swipe up/down.

Just some thoughts I had before bed.