- We foster a culture that celebrates giving & helping!

I'm currently participating in Philadelphia Startup Weekend.  I successfully pitched my idea for a not for profit and we're currently hacking away on making it a reality.

We are one2many, we foster a culture that celebrates giving & helping and that inspires people to be generous & compassionate to one another.  People donate used goods to us - items like old iPhones, iPods, routers, trumpets, bunk beds, etc. - and we then give these items away to people for free, in exchange for their volunteer service participation at local organizations (Habitat for Humanity, local soup kitchens, after school reading programs and the Special Olympics).

I've been doing this by myself for the past year and have successfully created over 250 hours worth of service for local organizations with only a handful of donated items.  One participant messaged me a week after doing his service to let me know that he was so inspired by the project that he started making egg salad sandwiches for the homeless guys around his building.  Pretty awesome!

I plan on initially running this like a bootstrapped startup so we don't need tons of funding.  We do however need donated goods and we would like to give donors the additional benefit of a tax write off (which is why we want to become a 501c3).

Assistance we're looking for:
design - logo, web, print
developer - front end specifically
501c3 - any support or feedback you have! (fiscal sponsorship would rock!)
donations - used items in good, working condition (especially if you live in Philly!)
Any other support you can offer - get in touch @covercash on twitter or 

Thank you all so much for your support, I'm still floored by the amazing response to this project!!!