Dear Apple: A new way to do "new"

Scott Sanchez is encouraging me to express my UX mojo in public, so rather than sending him my ideas on google chat I'm going to blog about them.  Today it's about the "new" action that's in nearly every single iOS app.

It's different in every single iOS app.  In twitter, click the little pencil box icon at the top right.  In mail, it's at the bottom right.  In Facebook it's the 'status' button at the top middle.  There's no consistency to user experience, and that annoys me.

My solution is that Apple should create a "swipe up" gesture the same way "swipe down" in iOS5 is for notifications, swipe up will become the action in any participating app to create "new".  New tweet, new email, new facebook status message, new SMS, etc.

App developers of course can do this today without waiting for Apple, but maybe the boys in Cupertino will read this and do the right thing for iOS6. :)

Try the "swipe up" next time you want to do something "new" in one of your apps, you'll like it, and that's what UX is all about.


I'm the Don Draper of user experience.  Other people build it, I dream it.  Hire me. :)