Missed My IAmA Question for Astronaut Chris Hadfield

About 2 weeks ago, reddit had an IAmA with astronaut Chris Hadfield.  For those of you not familiar with reddit and their IAmA/AMA (I Am A/Ask Me Anything) sections, it's basically a forum that allows the community to ask questions to famous and interesting people.  Unfortunately, by the time I saw this particular IAmA, it appeared astronaut Chris Hadfield had already stopped answering questions.  Immediately after reading his thread, I watched the IMAX: Hubble movie (which is amazing... even better when you see it in IMAX) and I came up with a fantastic question to ask Commander Hadfield.  So I hopped on reddit and sent his son my question, hoping I'd get a reply.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard back yet so I'm hoping the members of reddit think the question is interesting enough to push for an answer, so here goes...


God forbid something goes wrong during a spacewalk and an astronaut untethers and starts floating away, does NASA have an emergency rescue plan? I can't imagine they don't have some guidelines in place for extreme scenarios like this.  If they do, can you share any of it with us?  Thanks!


So there you have it, my question to Commander Chris Hadfield.


[UPDATE] Awesome, Commander Hadfield replied to my question on Twitter!